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Why do clients choose to use our service over applying on their own?

It’s the knowledge and the bank relationships we have that make accumulative funding possible, not the actual task of completing the applications.

We know exactly what cards to apply for and specifically in what order to avoid declines and unnecessary inquiries. We know which banks use which servicing companies and their exact guidelines, guidelines they don’t advertise to the public.

When clients attempt to get high limit funding on their own, they end up with lower limits, less approvals, more inquiries, and more shut down lines.

  1. We have back-end information/credit requirements that are not available to the public.
  2. We know which cities and states each financial institution will lend to (not all banks lend in all areas).
  3. We know how many inquiries each financial institution will allow. If you have even just one more inquiry than they allow (even with an 800-credit score) you will be declined.
  4. Because of the inquiry sensitivity, we know in which order each app needs to be submitted first.
  5. We also know which banks run a soft credit pull (one that doesn’t show on credit).
  6. We know exactly what banks match your credit profile (how many open revolving accounts required, balance ratios, etc.).

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