Loans and Funding for Startups and Businesses

Startups and business loans are the one of the toughest decisions to make. Employees, equipment, marketing, and payments need immediate attention and the loans are the useful way to manage things. Being well informed about the types of loans, and the loans you need is highly important, as loans do vary from small startups to large established businesses. EEG Capital provides advisory and startup business loans in Nevada and can help in resource advisory depending upon your business and personal financial situation.

We can help you identify your business needs and help you with business loans, with our immaculate expertise. There is a list of financial options, and we can help you with our contacts with several lenders for small business loans in Las Vegas.

Types of Loans and Funding Available

  • Business loans: Business loans are generally provided for the fixed assets for the business needs like an apartment/building, furniture, vehicle, equipment for business types, business debt clearances. These loans are fixed and the purpose of the business decides whether the interest rate would be fixed or variable.
  • Equipment financing: Equipment loans could be for buying or lease of equipment for the business needs, like scan machines for healthcare sectors. Depending upon scenarios, your business could have the need to buy the machinery upfront, or get an equipment loan to lease the machinery. The loans are fixed, and need to be paid within the deadline (could be a few years) on a fixed interest rate. Equipment loans could be gotten directly through banks, equipment companies, manufactures, or vendors.
  • Business line of credit: Business line loans are required and could be availed for the working capital in the business atmosphere, like the need for hiring employees, marketing, advertising, bill payments that are longer debted in a business setting.
  • Factoring: This alternative business loan includes a lot of variables, and is reflective with company accounts. These alternative business needs are generally achieved with less documentation and faster decision making, and there are some specialized companies who provide this effectively.
  • Merchant cash advances: Merchant business money lending are the most advanced and highly seeking means to gather money for business needs. These generally have high interest rates and less documentation procedures that takes less time in being accessible. Businesses with negative credit reporting, unable to get the business loan from bank or vendors, or in need of urgent capital seek this as their primary resource for their business funding. There is a possibility that this loan would be provided only by fewer banks, because of high risk of predatory lending, and you should be careful and are recommended to read every document before getting this capital access.
  • Real Estate Loans: Real Estate loans are used for seeking funding for buying buildings for business purposes. This type of capital is also sought for buying lands and constructing buildings. There are various ways to get this type of financial funding, and traditional loans or SBA loans could be assessed for this purpose.
  • SBA loans: US Small business Administration provided this loan could be assessed under the Small Business Act (1953). There are different resources available for this business loan under the government, and you could avail this loan under banks and lenders for the purposes such as real estate buyings, existing business acquisition, leasehold improvements and many others.

Procedure to Apply for a Loan

Small businesses or startups will need to secure loans for the better operations of the business, and EEG Capital can help you with fundings. First apply to our business loan program, and fill in the required information, upon which our finance specialist will connect with you to gather well rounded information on your business and the capitals needed, and the third step rounds up the loan process by easy funding. Connect with EEG Capital for the startup business loans in Nevada with high approval rates of the loan application, and get your business running smoothly.

Economic Empowerment Group provides business loans in Nevada for all the investments your business needs, and advisory for the different financial options. Small businesses need funding to help with paying bills for the necessary expenses, not only for daily operations but flexibility in growing and expanding your business in Las Vegas or anywhere in the world.

No documentation funding

We help provide the best personal loans in Las Vegas, we use the knowledge and relationships with financial institutions to make accumulative funding possible and streamline the task of completing the application. We take out the guesswork and provide an efficient plan as to which lines to apply for, knowing underwriting criteria and specific guidelines not publicly advertised ensuring safe and secure personal funding in Nevada. Clients  can also apply for no documentation loans online.


EEG Capital provides the startup with  business loans by getting in direct contact with vendors. We help identify your business needs and connect you with  vendors for your multiple needs from hiring employees, paying pending bills, buying furnitures, buildings, or equipment according to your industry. Get connected with the EEG Capital funding advisory team,  to choose different funding options on business loans. This will help with operating your business smoothly.

Your amount of loan to start a business depends upon the business needs which are accessed via different sources depending your business needs. Business loans, equipment financing, Real estate, Business line of credit are some of the methods to get funding once you identify your business needs, and your loan would depend upon that.